Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Shadow

Every night as I sit down at the computer to write, Blackie Bear lies down beside me. I scratch his ears, he grunts and then he settles or rather clunks down on the floor. His watchful eyes are always on me and as I move through the house, he moves with me......when I do laundry, he is in the laundry room, our kitchen is so small two people can barely move, but he lies down in the middle of the floor while I cook. I constantly step over and around him, moving from the stove to the sink, to the counter and pantry, he is blissful.

When I am on the sofa sitting in front of the fireplace reading or just watching the birds, he is there.
Forget privacy while taking a shower, he is in the bathroom waiting for me to get dressed. In the mornings when we walk, after about twenty minutes he is ready to come home, but I have to walk him to the house, tell him I am ok, and then he stays. Sometimes when I am cold and tired, I lay in the floor with him and he is like a big teddy bear! Some how through the years, he decided it was his job to watch over me, so he does.

When we have company he positions himself between me and our guests, making sure they know he is can you miss him, he weights 97 pounds, is half chow and half lab and truly looks like a black bear!!!! oh yes, his tongue is spotted. Never in my life will I understand how someone could not want this dog.......he was abandoned, like three of our other dogs.
He is smart, and clever and loving and loyal, he is all you could ever want in a pet, or a friend.
He knows when I have a bad day, he knows when I am not is clear to me, if need be, he would give his life for me.

He is snoring now, quite loudly, his breath is labored, he is old. But the moment I close this computer and leave the office, he will wake up and go with me. He is my shadow, even when there is no sun. I write about him often, he and Charlie, but they amaze me, there are many humans who could learn from these sweet caring animals..........they are pets, friends and family members, we are so lucky they decided to keep us.


  1. Not 1/2 an hour ago I replied to an email about a woman who loves her pets more than some people. She asked me if it was weird and I said that pets are loving, compassionate and loyal and love us unconditionally. How many people do you know that do that? Two great minds think alike Jilda. Would love to see pictures of your pet(s). Great post.

  2. I told my husband tonight that I want a pet...a dog, a cat, I don't care. But I really don't want a pet, I want something else to love and take care of, something that will love me. Don't misunderstand, I love my husband, and he loves me. We have been together for a very long time. I love my kids. I have a space in my heart.

  3. My large dog likes to be in the kitchen when I cook too and lays outside the bathroom door when I take a bath. My small dog must be on the bed with me whenever I take a rest. Their love is a gift.

  4. Oh, I loved this! In fact my first born furry friend is so much like this her name is Shadow. I cannot imagine my life without a pet, let alone 3. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. I can fully understand you :-) Our dog Naila is the best moodmeter you can get, Naila knows when I feel low and does all she can to show her affection. I am truly grateful that she accepted me as her mistress, since she was my husband's dog, but somehow she extended her love towards me without hesitation. I am happy to have her!

  6. I think we can all agree, there is nothing like a pet's love! thanks for you kind comments!