Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Day With Jordan

My niece Samantha started back to physical therapy school today, so Jordan her two year old son spent the day at my house. Rick had deadlines and a big interview tomorrow, in Jordan's words,"Aunt Rick is on the phone or computer" for most of the day. Jordan and I have had a busy day.......it was his first day with us since Christmas break began, we both had adjustments to make.

The photo was taken during the snow of last week. He loves snow as much as I do, so we spent some time throwing snowballs and just hanging out in the snow. Today, it rained and he was not happy......he likes snow and sunshine, nothing in between. We spent time outdoors for awhile, but once back inside I could not convince him to go back outside later in the day.

Jordan loves to play in boxes, today he painted a couple and spent a while just hanging out in his "big" box. He used the box as a hiding place, a chair and
an art gallery. Life is simple when Jordan is here. It is an exhausting day, but a day that teaches now in the simplest of terms. You play now, you eat now, take a bath now, nap now.
I am trying to teach him things of value, like doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, exercise, fresh air and much laughter. We feed the animals, and examine everything he happens to pick up outside. He runs as much as he wants, digs in the dirt and constantly asks questions, it was a long day.......it was a very short day. We will do it all again Thursday.


  1. My granddaughters used to make box houses and paint them. Lots of fun.

  2. The world is a beautiful place when you look at it through a kids eyes. What a good Auntie you are!!

  3. ...and what an exhausted Auntie you must be!
    Children like Jordan and animals remind us that all we have is right now.

  4. You have to love the simplicity of children :) What a fun way to be exhausted :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow