Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sacred Idleness

"work is not always required......there is such a thing as sacred idleness" - George MacDonald
I love sacred idleness, it is something I try to do daily, the moments that I experience it......wonderful! I cannot remember a time (until her illness) that I ever saw my mother do nothing. Stillness for her, was an evil to be avoided at all costs. In my mother's eyes, being lazy, doing nothing.......was as sinful as theft or alcohol. I can remember my dad begging to her sit down and just spend time with him.......she never did.

I know when my world is going too fast, when I am overbooked and stretched to the breaking point, my prayer becomes I just need a little time to do nothing. I learned, thankfully through the years how important sacred idleness is for your spirit as well as your body. I know, I do tend to push it, but oh how I love it when I experience it!

Sunday and Monday we were pretty much snowbound, and it was great.......such a gift! I sat and looked out the windows and watched the birds and the deer, I did a lot of breathing, I drank many cups of hot tea.........I experienced, I relished my sacred idleness! I thought of many things I could/should do, but you know we just don't get snow that often and I let myself enjoy it.

I feel as though I have been on vacation........rested, peaceful. I bet many of you, feel guilty when you have those moments of sacred idleness, put that guilt aside and let your spirit and body have what it needs, what it craves. Take five minutes before you go to bed, turn off the tv, computer, radio, etc and just sit in sacred the same thing when you get up in the news, no tv, no e-mail or FB, take five minutes for sacred idleness. It's not evil, it's not is nourishment for your spirit, your body and your mind. Work is not always required.

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  1. I am all for sacred idleness. It is wonderful to have nothing pressing to do and just sit and relax.