Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Buried Dreams

Today is the 1-11-11...........those numbers look magical to me......all those ones! I bought new boards for my vision boards, normally I do mine in March the week of my birthday. But, I feel
energized, hopeful these past few days and I am ready to begin my new vision for my life this year.
Yes, I have already done my What Do I Want list, have you???????

So, if you don't know what a vision board is, just a simple board with pictures, words, phrases, poems, anything that signifies the life you want, just glue it to the board. Look through magazines for photographs of the life you want to live, the things you want to achieve, the places you want to go, the "vision" if you will of the life you want this year. It doesn't matter how far fetched, how different it is from your life now.........begin to excavate those buried dreams.

Dig deep. Dig down to find those dreams, what were they?????? why did you toss them away, too much work, too silly, too big? and make sure they are your dreams......not those that your parents or spouse or friend wanted for you, find the dreams that you yearned for.

Buried dreams....we all have them. Maybe we buried them because of fear, did you not think you were good enough, smart enough, talented enough? How many lives changed, how many of us took a different path because of fear? Did you bury your dreams because of family, of responsibilities, did you let everyone else's dreams bury your own?

A vision board can help you find the dreams you buried years ago.........allow yourself to dream again. As you glance through magazines, or papers or junk mail, what catches your eye?
Is it a cruise down the Nile? Maybe you thought you would be the next Dior, or Monet, maybe you dreamed of being an astronaut( go to space camp). Just take an hour, collect pictures, maybe you see the word Dream or the word Possibilities or the word Change or a phrase like
"Live Large" or "go for it".......anything that grabs your attention, that tugs at your heart.

Is there a photograph of a beach house, or a cabin in the mountains, or some exotic place you want to visit, put it on the board. And then........hang your vision board where you can see it every day. Mine hangs in the laundry room ( I do a lot of laundry) Look at it every day, and let yourself begin to dream again, let yourself rediscover the old dreams and think about some new ones.

Mine those buried dreams. There's an old saying about looking for diamonds, searching the world over, and they are right in your back yard. Let yourself remember........what did you dream about when you were eight, what did you dream about when you were sixteen or twenty-five......when did you stop dreaming, when did you bury your dreams?

I'm not big on resolutions, and honestly I am not your average goal setter.......I mine dreams,
I see visions, I make a Want List. It works for me.


  1. Whatever works, works.

    I don't make resolutions or set goals except like a budget, I seem to work toward success still.

  2. My biggest dream is to see London and Paris some day. If all I saw were the art gallaries, I would be satisfied. Maybe I'll put pictures of those cities on my fridge!

  3. A very inspiring idea. This year though I just want NOT to be worrying about no income. I'm sure my board would be full of pictures of money :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow