Saturday, January 8, 2011

In A Second

How quickly life can change. I read about the shootings today in Tucson, so many lives changed in seconds. A childhood friend of mine, her husband died in a plane crash this week, once again lives changed in seconds. We played a wonderful gig tonight, it was magical but all around us there were lives in tragic circumstances.

It happens so quickly doesn't life, and then suddenly everything changes in the blink of an eye. Even if we live to be 100, life is short and sadly most of us won't make it to all comes down to what I talk about so often......Living in the now, making the moments count, making every breath matter.

My friend's husband, had flown their plane to NYC to visit their daughter, he was coming home to celebrate his 60th birthday on Monday, everything changed in seconds. All of the victims in Tuscon, lives changed in seconds. We all are guilty......of going through the motions, of spending much of our time, everywhere but here, everywhere but now.

I have had a great evening, we played to a full house, the audience loved us and I am so very grateful. Earlier today, I had let myself project, and lose sight of all that's important, but in a matter of moments, I took a deep breath and brought myself to the place I needed to be. Years
ago, I would have stayed in that projection, and tonight would have gone so different. Thankfully I am learning, some of those lessons have stayed with me.

Tonight I send love, I send healing energy to those, no matter where they are, who have suffered loss and pain. Their loss, their pain......their lives are changed forever, and I can promise you, without love and caring,they won't make it. Love to us all.


  1. Dear Jilda, I'm so happy to have stumbled across your site. I agree with your thoughts. We take so much for granted - assuming we and everyone we cherish will be here and life will be predictable. Our world moves at such a rapid pace that it is so very difficult to pay attention to the moments, to the importance of the moments. But I can't imagine the regret some of us might have were we to lose a loved one right now, this minute.
    Your training as a singer to be present for your performance must make you more cognizant than many of how to refocus and be aware.
    Thank you for this lovely set of thoughts and reminders.
    Valli Keller

  2. Jilda,
    What a passionate post. Yes, in an instant life can change. Though I have yet to conqueror time management, I do value every single moment. In the blink of an eye...

    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow