Friday, January 21, 2011


Never stop learning, that rolls through my brain every day.......there are times when learning throws a little fear in me and makes the adrenalin course through my body, but learning something new also makes me feel alive. Rick has applied for an incredible writer's workshop this summer, it is an intense five days with writers and publishers, like a writer's boot camp.
I will be attending yoga trainings in March, April and May.....and one of my friends called me today with exciting news about a photography class he's attending. Another friend is learning guitar,isn't it cool how we are all so into learning?

I have friends, that each time we are together, I learn something. It can be anything from cooking to gardening, writing to music, painting to history. I leave them with my brain buzzing with all the new info they have shared. My Course in Miracles arrived today, it takes one year to complete.
I know that it is not your average dinner party conversation tidbit, but honestly, I have wanted to do this course for several years. It is truly self driven, no grades, there is a workbook and daily meditation, but the only one who judges what you have completed and learned is yourself.
I will keep you all posted on how it goes.

I believe learning keeps you young......not in the sense of young, teenage beauty queen......but youthful, open minded, aware of possibilities. Learning keeps you interesting, it's good for your mental health, and self-esteem. When you learn something new, your self-confidence just soars. I think that smart is sexy.......and every time you learn something get a little smarter, the sex appeal goes up a notch.

There are days I feel not so smart, days I wish I knew oh so much more, about everything. Those days I try to read a little more, speak with friends who share their knowledge......those are also the days I listen hard and speak little.........and absorb all that I can. There is a quote by
Socrates, "all I know is that I know nothing"........I think that no matter how much I study, no matter how much I try to cram into my brain, when all is said and done, as much as I love learning, .........I will know nothing, because there is so much to learn and so little time.


  1. Terrific post! I think you are right, learning keeps us young. The course on Miracles sounds interesting. I'm glad you are going to share about it.

  2. Beautiful post, Jilda. I too love learning and feel my day wasted if I have not grab at least on small tidbit. :)

    Good luck with the Yoga training and your miracles, which sounds interesting :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. I really like this one Jilda. It's so true. Leaning is growing and growing is learning. It's a never ending cycle no matter how old you are. That miracles course sounds fun!!