Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What A Difference

What a difference a day makes. Last night, at this time, we were tuning guitars getting ready to go on stage........tonight, doing laundry, sitting in my pj's at home, still blissing out.
I am a tired camper, running on empty, well more like three hours of sleep. That's ok, I'd do again it tonight if given the opportunity.

Life is like that, twenty four hours can turn your world upside down or right side up. Yesterday you could have been living the same life you had lived for years, and something good or bad could change it all in a heartbeat.

Ten years ago this week, Rick's younger brother Darrin passed away. I still miss him very much.
He and I had a great relationship.......he was funny and smart and lived life in the fast lane.
But, he knew that regardless of his life choices, he could always count on me. Darrin was more like a younger best friend than a brother-in-law. I have thought about him often today.......he would have loved our playing the Flora/Bama, he would have been there with all his wacky friends cheering us on. His life was over way too soon, he was on his way to a successful career in tv,but life was difficult for him, he was a fragile soul.......and we all know those are the ones who don't make it.

What a difference a day makes.........yesterday walking on the beach, last night singing my heart out, today back at work, back at home, hanging with the dogs. It's all good.

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  1. It sounds like ya'all had a wonderful interlude. Makes me smile.