Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bucket List, check one off

One of the things on my "bucket list"........to play the Flora/Bama and everybody gets quiet and listens.....that happened tonight. For those of you who don't know, the Flora/Bama is just a rowdy
fun filled music venue on the Gulf Coast. It is the home of the Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival. Rick and I were invited down to close tonight's show, and as always it was a loud rowdy crowd. But in my dream, on my bucket list it has always been that the crowd would settle down and listen, well that dream came true tonight. It had been LOUD and ROWDY all evening, but as we began to play, silence spread across the room, and the crowd listened........
My feet have not touched the ground since we closed our set, there were some "heavy" players in that room tonight, folks who are really in the music scene and they listened and complimented us when we finished....and invited us back for next year.

It may not seem like much, to play a smoke filled room, with over served patrons who for the most part ignored most of the folks who were up there playing their hearts out. But it's those moments, when the music gods smile on you.......you gotta get'em while you can.

I have to go to bed, we have a very early day because I teach tomorrow afternoon, but I just want to savor this night for a few more moments. Tonight......I am happy, I am grateful, I am on cloud nine.........I am blessed.

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  1. How cool!!!! I've been to the Flora/Bama but I want to go when you are playing! Congratulations!