Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deer Dance

We have this sweet deer family that visits us every day. A momma, and her twins........they have visited our apple tree since they were just a few days old. We leave corn, and water and salt block and as the apples fall, they eat those.

In the past few weeks the babies have gotten really playful and are so comical. This morning started out rough for me, it was one of those days, when I was just beating myself up.
As I stood at the back door, with coffee cup in hand.....the twins came running through the field as fast as they could chasing each other. They would run in circles, jump, scamper down in the woods and quick as lightening, they would be under the apple tree eating. Then, momma got in the game, and all three of them were doing this funny little dance. They would chase each other, wag their tails, and then run up and down the length of the field, they knew I was watching.

It is hunting season, and will be for the next couple of months. I hold my breath each time I hear a gun shot and pray that no one shoots them. They are so beautiful, such incredible creatures with distinct personalities.

Their dance, and a call from a good friend, helped me lighten up, and get a better perspective
on things. I am going to borrow a video camera and see if I can get one of their morning dances taped, I would love for you all to see how they run with absolute joy. I wish they would let me do the deer dance with them.


  1. Do you remember that scene in "The Queen" when she had driven out into the open of one of her country homes and hung the Range Rover up in the creek. While waiting for help she saw this huge buck deer with a beautiful rack of antlers. She heard gunshots in the distance and clapped her hands and shouted to get him to run away. He did.

    Reminds me of your watching your neighbor family and concern about their safety during hunting season.