Monday, November 8, 2010

Self-imposed Limits

We are all guilty. Guilty of self-imposed limits, barriers that we set up and then wonder why we don't obtain goals that we have worked for. For every success that each of us has had, there are those near misses, those almost but not quites.

I usually talk about not dwelling on failures, but today I did an inventory of my what I want for me list. I have to admit that about sixty five percent is there, if not reached, will be soon. But what about the other thirty five percent, when I look, at first glance it is easy to make excuses. Then, I looked long and hard, and when I truly acknowledged what I didn't do and what I could have done, it was a slap in the face. For what ever reason, I dropped the ball, not fate, not someone else, me.

So what are the reasons..........sometimes I am just lazy, sometimes I don't want to be a bother,do I deserve the success, too much sacrifice, I'll piss someone off, feelings will be hurt, takes too much time. Where does this all come from?

If it means enough to you and I that we make lists, set goals, and dream dreams then why do we stop ourselves from doing what it takes to get there. I think many times we just don't believe we're worth it. Where does that come from, that feeling of not being worthy? I teach that we are all incredible humans, and that we deserve goodness, that we should ask and receive. Yet, that nagging little voice, that sits on shoulders throughout the world, whispers and yells and at some point, we listen and believe it.

I am fascinated by those who set their sights on their goals and let seemingly nothing stand in their way. How do they do that? Is there some kool aide that you can drink that gives you that ability?

And after all of this, the yoga teacher in me whispers in my ear, and tells me I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I am suppose to do........that practice, meditation and breath work will get me where I want to go anywhere in life.

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