Friday, November 12, 2010

Frozen Moments

I love photographs, it's the next best thing to being there.......and I am lucky enough to have friends who are great photographers. I am speechless by the beauty and creativity of the photographs that my friends share with me. A photograph captures a single moment forever. It can show beauty or raw ugliness, sadness or indescribable joy. A photograph can freeze an image into our brains forever, I mean how could anyone ever forget the photo of John Kennedy Jr. saluting as his father's corpse passed by.

I have an I-phone and one of the most amazing's a pretty good little camera and down right handy! But my photos fade in comparison with some of the ones that my friends take.
In the past few months, friends have sent me photos of fragile hummingbirds, dazzling waterfalls,
breath-taking skydiving shots, and sunsets that make me want to pack my bags and head for exotic destinations.

I love old photos too, looking at family members and friends through the decades can trigger laughter and tears. There are photos that make me really uncomfortable too, those of me as a kid. Not sure why, but it is very unnerving for me to see myself as a child.

I live with a very good photographer too. Rick has shot some incredible photos through the years. We have boxes of slides and old black and whites, friends, family, and vacations, a smorgasbord of Kodak memories.

I have photos of friends on my desk, scattered all through the house. Laughing, smiling faces,
those split seconds of joy, there forever. I love to take photos of Jordan, my great nephew, but he hates to have his picture taken, you have to be really fast and tricky to get a picture of him.
I have a photo of me singing on stage with the Paul Thorn band, and only a few close friends know this about me, but I was a model in the late sixties through early eighties. Believe it or not, there were photos of me in Seventeen, Runner's World, just to name a couple of mags. That was truly another lifetime ago.

Photos, they are magical, such a unique way to capture a time, a place, a feeling. I have many of my mom's old family photos, this year at Christmas I want to share them with my siblings.
I have decided to just spread them across the kitchen table and let everyone take what they want.

So for those friends who I keep encouraging to do a calendar or book of your photos, take note.
Those pictures really are special, of great beauty and emotion, others want to enjoy them too.
There is a gift in capturing those moments, those times and places should be remembered and shared.

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