Thursday, November 4, 2010


Have you ever noticed the invisible walls we build around us? You know the ones I'm talking about, we build them to create boundaries for relationships. The walls can be unique with each person in our life, but some of them are used for everyone.

Think about the person you think you know best, think about the person that you think knows you think about the walls between you. I hear people say they are an open book, but that is not true. Walls are our defenses, our safety nets. When you have been hurt or trust has been broken, walls are put up. And they are not always invisible, think about people who step back when you go in for a hug. About the ones who hug, but never say the words. The ones who will tell you about their day, but never their thoughts.

Walls are not always bad or always good, but sometimes we get so good at building them, we isolate ourselves from those around us. It's like insulation gone wild. I look at myself, I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, I find it fascinating......but honestly I had rather listen to someone else talk about themselves than tell someone about myself. Even writing this blog,
there are walls that I don't tear down.

There is an exercise I do in my yoga class sometimes, I talk about tearing away labels. About discarding the label of male, female, of sister, brother, husband, father, mother wife, doctor, teacher, etc. releasing all those labels until there is nothing there but the true self. I wonder how that would be with walls, if we began to tear down the walls, and kept tearing until there were no more walls between us and the people in our lives. Would it be unbearable, or would it be freedom?

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