Friday, November 5, 2010

A Grateful Friend

The nature of the beast......the nature of my job, new people come into my life almost every day.
Some are just pleasant hellos on the path of my life, a brief few weeks or days and they disappear down their own paths. With some, there is a fleeting friendship, a connection if you will, a genuine caring, and you hope and pray that maybe someday on down the road in a few short years, your paths will cross.

Fleeting friendships, I have had so many during my lifetime...... because of the type of jobs that I have had. But the wonderful thing about some of these friendships, they continued to grow and flourish way past the job. During my years at the Dallas Apparel Mart, even though I was there only a few short weeks each year, I have lasting loving friendships that have survived the distance.

I have friends all over the country that I have met through music, and even though we seldom see each other, the friendships have continued, and when our paths do cross, it is as though we just saw each other yesterday. It is the same with yoga, the many teachers that I have met in yoga trainings, several of those have continued, and thanks to blogs and continuing trainings, they will be there for a long time.

Now because of this blog, I have new friends.......never heard their voices, some, I have never even see their photo, but a connection has grown, a friendship if you will, because of thoughts and comments.

I have thought about my unique friendships often in the past few weeks. I have friends that I met in grade school and high school, friends that I have met as a couple with my husband.
One of my friends laughs and tell me that I am the Pied Piper of Friendships. What can I say,
I love my friends, I love the thoughts, the opinions, the talents and the stories of them all.
Each of them, have contributed and helped to form the person that I am today. They inspire
me, they teach me, they make me want to be a better person every day.

I owe all of these friends a debt of gratitude.......because they have all given so much to me in so many ways, I think I have short changed them. Many of them will never know that their call or note came when I need it the most. There is no way possible that I have given as much to my friends as they have given to me.

Tonight, I am so humbled by all your friendships, just in case tomorrow never comes, thank you for being there, for the moments, the hours, the days, the years, it doesn't matter the length of time....... it is an honor, a blessing and a sacred trust........this friendship that we share.

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  1. Being a pied piper is not a bad thing! Imagine yourself as such. I'd follow!