Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sometimes inspiration hides like a mischievous child, taunting you with slivers of ideas and then tossing them into the dark recesses of you mind, refusing to surrender any inkling of creativity.
Writing this blog is a bizarre dance with inspiration and muse, and sometimes they both sit back and laugh at my lack of rhythm.

Then there are nights when magic is sprinkled over you like holy water, and the thoughts come so quickly my fingers cannot type fast enough to put them to paper or this screen.

When I started writing, it did not occur to me, that I would be writing seven nights a week! What was I thinking????? But this habit, this commitment, has made me a better songwriter, a better teacher and speaker. This nightly ritual has shown me the power and responsibility of words and thoughts.

This blog has become a true friend. When I need to speak, when I need to share, the keyboard sits waiting patiently as I share my words with you all. It doesn't matter if I am sad or happy,
clever or not so clever this computer accepts all that I post and sends it out into the world.

The inspiration for this blog, this transformation if you will terrified me at the beginning. But now, no matter how tired, how sick or how empty I am there is comfort as my fingers begin to tap the keys. All of you are so kind, honestly, I was scared silly of your judgments, but you let me be me and whether I am good or bad someone always says exactly what I need to hear.

I chose the title, Transformation Information because I thought I would be offering help to some one out there in blog world. HaHa! The joke's on me, because the transformation has been mine! And often, I am giving myself information that perhaps some of you might need also.

The inspiration comes from everything around me....... I attended a songwriter's seminar several years ago that was hosted by Mike Reid ( Grammy winner, co-wrote I Can't Make You Love Me, one of the best songwriters ever) and he talked about always keeping your antennae
up for inspiration because it is always out there waiting for you, but you have to be open for it.
That was great advice, for songwriting, blogging, writing a novel, for any creative process.

Tonight this may not seem like a particularly inspired blog entry, but in a strange good way, for me at least it was. We'll see what takes place tomorrow night.
Good Night, Sweet Dreams.

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  1. I started blogging because my sister had a blog and I thought, "Oh, I'll give it a try." I had no idea I would meet so many interesting and wonderful people. I didn't know how much I would like writing. I'm glad it has been good for you also.