Friday, September 17, 2010

What Matters Most

A few years ago, my husband sent me to a time management seminar called What Matters Most.
I know, but Rick is linear in his thought process and I am circles and squiggly lines. It was an excellent seminar and to this day I still sit down every morning and work my day planner.
Yes, I drank the Kool-Aide, but only a sip!

One of the most interesting points was setting priorities, or the big rocks as they called them. To make a short story of it, this guy fills a big container with rocks, them small rocks, then sand and then water, the theory being, put in the big rocks first(the most important stuff) and then add the little stuff, you will be amazed that it all fits, when you add the big rocks first.

And I got that, even before the seminar.......I understood setting priorities. What it helped me with most was understanding that a to do list was quite different.

But back to the title, What Matters Most........I had another asthma attack today. That is two in the space of a couple of weeks, along with the infection. As I was drowning on dry land all I could think of was what did matter most in my life. I kept thinking of friends that I wanted to see and spend time with, places that I wanted to visit, songs that I wanted to sing, people that I wanted to say I love you to. I never panic, I always stay calm and I believe with all my heart the yoga and breath work keep me going. But once the inhalers started to work, and I could feel the oxygen flowing into my lungs and I could exhale, I lay down on the sofa to take a nap.
As I lay looking out into the front yard, watching hummingbirds and butterflies and squirrels flit about with great joy, the tears fell on my cheeks.

What matters most........the ones who love you, who hold out their arms and hug you like there's no tomorrow, the joy on a child's face as they hear the wind and feel the sun, the beauty of a butterfly that lights on your shoulder, a big black dog that watches over you like a true guardian angel, the beauty of this earth, family and friends who love you when you think you are unlovable, writing a song that will be here even when you are not.
What matters most......being there when you are needed, listening when no one else will, making sure the ones you love know it, sharing time when it is the least thing you have to share.
Letting you all know how much I appreciate your time, the fact that you spend a few minutes of your precious time each day, reading my thoughts, getting to know me.
What matters most......another day to be grateful.

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  1. The one thing that keeps me organized is keeping my journal. It is a rare day that I don't write in it what I need to do tomorrow and what I did today, as well as things I want to remember; about a page a day.

    I've taken those "self-help" seminars but I've never kept a daytimer. I used to keep a calendar every year but now the journal is the took I use.

    I am glad you could get some breathing relief. Lenny has allergies and he's sounded like a guy with a huge awful cold all week. I'm hoping you and he are better tomorrow.