Sunday, September 5, 2010

Autumn Post Card

This morning it was 52 degrees here, in Empire, Alabama. The skies were blue and cloudless, the sunlight, brilliant with a hint of gold. I know this was just Mother Nature taunting me, just a big tease.......but that's ok. Autumn is just around the corner. Most of you know, this is my favorite time of the year. I wait patiently all during the searing heat of July and August dreaming that fall will come.

We walked this morning, and the dogs were in rare form. Blackie Bear, is maybe 12 or 14 and he pranced like a young pup, rolling in the dew soaked grass, barking for joy. Charlie, just meandered sniffing butterflies, looking up at the sky. Astro, ran like a shiny black race horse gearing up for the Kentucky Derby, while Buddy ran in wild sporadic spurts. Taylor the Dump Dog, rambled down the trail moving faster than she has all summer. They all knew, this won't last, but there will be more days like this in the weeks to come.

The weather man is already saying back to the low 90's mid-week and 70's at night. But in the morning, once again we'll sit on the deck and drink coffee knowing it's just around the corner.
Those crisp mornings, and warm afternoons, when days grow shorter and the sunsets more vivid, more colorful every evening. Every where I look, there is a tinge of softening color on the tips of leaves.

To those of you who love fall as much as I do, hold on, it's coming. Right now is just the transitional period, summer holding on refusing to leave without a fight, autumn waiting smugly in the wings for her time to shine. Today, was a post card, just a reminder
autumn's coming soon.

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  1. I like fall, at least the months up to the end of the year. Winter not at all. The only thing good about Winter is it is followed by Spring!