Friday, September 3, 2010

Just Breathe

Every yoga class I teach, I always talk about the importance of the breath. I spend a good bit of time teaching breath work, encouraging students to understand the breath is everything. I personally spend a lot of time every day doing controlled breath work. I believe with all my heart, that learning to control your breath enables you to control the body and mind.

But even with all of this, I know that like most of you, most days I take my breathing for granted.
Until a day like today,
I taught two classes( of all things on the breath) and my students loved them, they really got into the breath work and the reading that I did.
Plus, I gave a handout on stillness and breath.

After my last class, I packed everything up and got ready to clock out. When I entered the lobby of the building where the time clock is, my lungs started to spasm. Something had triggered an
asthma attack. I barely remember clocking out, and made it back to my car. Did my emergency inhaler and called Rick. I made it home, fine, very winded and fatigued. I took my breath for's such an easy thing to do, take your breath for granted until you feel as though you are drowning on dry land.

The yoga breath work has made such a difference, I stay calm, and as hard as it is, I do control my breath to some extent when an attack hits. I can't remember the last time I had an attack.
Who knows what caused this one today. It will be awhile before I take my breath for granted
In yoga, the philosophy is you are born with a certain number of breaths. But because of the stress that most of us live, the hectic lifestyle, the shallow breathing, then it is thought we shorten our lives. But when we breathe slow and deeply, we live calmly and we lengthen our lives.

So to all of you tonight, take a few minutes everyday, sit still and breathe slowly, in and out through the nose. The stillness and the breath will change your life.......... it may save your life.
Just breathe.


  1. Your post reminded me of an article I read about deep breathing. It said it will actually help you lose weight because it will speed up your metabolism.

    I have asthma too, and it can be disconcerting because of how it comes up all of a sudden. One minute your fine, the next minute you are coughing and coughing.

  2. I don't have asthma but have a close friend who does. It's freightening and the panic is awful. That comment of Belle's about loosing weight is a great thing to learn!

    Hope things go well.