Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Southern French

I love the French language, me trying to speak it is rather sad, I do have a decent comprehension of it. I now have two apps for my I-phone, and every day I practice........I think this is gonna take a long long time.

So today, I revisited a couple of cds that are part of my all time favorite collection. Both are by Zachary Richard, "Women In The Room" and "Snake Bite Love". So what do these cds have to do with my love of the French language. Zachary Richard is from LaFayette, La, is a singer/songwriter, a poet, a writer of children's books, he is so French, yet so American. He just released his first cd in English in 15 years. I love his music, it is Cajun, it is Zydeco, it is French poetry and American activism. It is happy, yet sometimes so poignant and loving, it brings tears to my eyes. I have a couple of his French cds, yet today I listened to those from many years ago. These two particular cds have songs that always make me smile and want to dance, yet also touch my heart. I can't wait to get his new cd. I saw Zach live in Atlanta several years ago, it was a great concert, an undeniable sexy, fun energy filled two hours with moments that broke your heart and then made you want to love. It was a truly memorable evening.

So, do I think I will ever be fluent in French? I honestly don't know. My southern drawl seems to butcher even the simplest of phrases. Sometimes, folks from other parts of the United States have difficulty understanding me, God help the French!

If any of you have suggestions on ways to study the language, please send me info. Yes, I know that packing up and moving to Provence would help immensely but at this point in my life that is not an option.

Maybe at this point I should just find a class and go! I have some extra time these days, if I could find a water color class taught in French by a singer/songwriter.............can anybody out there help me out????????

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