Saturday, September 25, 2010

Life is Good

My buddy Steve W. did a unique performance tonight, it is called Backstage Pass. It is not a concert, he actually talks more than he sings and plays, but he was on the road with John Denver as lead guitarist and as he relives a lot of what happened on the road, you feel like you have been there.
I feel very lucky to have him as a friend. I knew the first time we ever met, we would be friends for ever. It has been a great visit, and there is more good stuff to come tomorrow. As tough as last week was, yesterday and today have been really good. Music and friendship(and good food) that is pretty much the recipe for life is good.
It is late, I am tired, it is time to go to bed.
Good night, sweet dreams

PS. My fingers have almost bled from playing the guitar, and I have sung til the cows come home.

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