Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vision Board

Once a year, I make a vision board. It hangs in the laundry room(for only two people, seems I do a hell of a lot of laundry). I often suggest to friends and yoga students that they too make a vision board.

So what is a vision board? You begin by cutting pictures, words, phrases, that represent the life you want and then arrange them on a poster. This year I focused on music, gardens/home, yoga and friends and creativity. Truthfully, many years those are the things that I focus on. But this year, it is a little different.......more music, actually more travel, changing my image, sprucing up the house,spending time with friends, teaching yoga with as much truth as I know, writing more(thus the blog)

Why do a vision board? It works. It puts into perspective what is important in your life, how you want to live, goals, the life you see your self living. It needs to be hung where you see it every day, as a reminder of the path you want to follow. So far, most of what I posted on this collage has in some shape or form manifested . We took our first vacation in seven years.
I lost weight(still have a few pounds to go) we have spruced up the house, reworked the gardens, playing more music, I am way better on guitar, I think my teaching skills have gone up a notch(due to great trainings and inspiring students) we have spent more time with friends.
One of my favorite Wayne Dyer quotes, "you get what you think about whether you want it or not" reinforces my belief in vision boards. When it is right there in front of you, and you see it daily, the brain is ready to make changes. You think about what you see, and you begin to strive for those changes, for that life that you have pictured.

I challenge you all tonight, make your selves a vision board. I think you will be delighted as you actually see your dreams and thoughts hanging on the wall. You will be glad to be reminded of what is important to you, on those days when it seems you are only treading water. And as the months go by, you will be reminded of what you have achieved. There will be changes too, what you may have put down at the beginning, in a few months you may realize that some of those things are not what you wanted at all!

Tonight, I have posted a photo of my vision board, and a new photo of myself. Just testing the waters on the new image. Let me know how those vision boards progress!


  1. Excellent post. I think the power of the vision board is actually articulating what you want.
    Many of us mutter through life putting out fires without every giving much thought to what we really want.

  2. I love this quote:
    Wayne Dyer quotes, "you get what you think about whether you want it or not"