Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Very Long Day

My great nephew, Jordan spends the day with me on Tuesdays, while his mom is in Physical
Therapy School. He is a really sweet, smart little two year old and we always have a large time.
This morning he was sick, the doc seems to think it is viral, but his mouth and throat are covered
in open ulcers, and he keeps running a temperature. This has been going on for several days, so he is a very hungry child at this point. Popsicles do not sustain a two year's old energy for long.
So, I thought, maybe if he hangs in the kitchen with me, we can cook or make something that he can eat. WRONG! First, we made jello, well he would not touch it, that's not true, he loved touching it, he just didn't want to eat it. We made smoothies, and he loved dumping the fruit and yogurt in the blender, and turning it on, just did not want to eat it. Mashed potatoes came next,
bananas, and yep, we were back to Popsicles. Finally about two this afternoon, vanilla wafers dipped in milk worked like a charm.

Normally he is so independent, but today I have sat for hours and held him, rubbed his feet and his back, and every time his fever would rise, sit him in the bath tub. Right now, I am wishing that someone would rub my feet, my back and feed me Popsicles.

Actually, my plans were to take a nice long bath earlier, but the power went off. No, no storms, or wind, it happens a lot where we live. We are in the country, almost 12 miles to the nearest store or bank, our power lines are the original ones that were strung through the community in the 30's, if we go without power for 24 hours, our phones go out! Sometimes it's just a squirrel that crosses the lines. And no, my cell phone does not work here. But good news, about an hour ago, POWER! So, this is a short entry tonight,
there is a nice long bath calling out to me, and a cup of hot tea, and a good book.
Goodnight, sweet dreams

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  1. It is a hard, long day taking care of sick children. And sad too, because you want so much for their pain to go away. I hope little Jordan will get well very soon.