Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I met my best friend for a girl's day this morning, we spent a couple of hours at the hair salon getting beautiful, then we had lunch. It was exactly what I needed! and lord knows I now look better. I was almost home, actually about a half mile from the house and the most exquisite thing happened.

There is a large oak tree near our house, it is probably 100 years old. I have always felt that this particular place has good energy, is magical. Many times, I have seen deer there under the shelter of its craggy limbs and large crooked roots. And every time I drive by, I feel protected and safe.
Today as I approached the old oak, I caught a shadow coming at my car from the left side.
It was large and approaching fast, and then.......in breath taking beauty and quickness, I saw what was swooping towards me. At first I saw the wing span, as wide as Ingrid, my Volvo and then
this magnificent eagle swept across the front of my car. If my windows had been open, I could have touched her!

I could not believe my eyes. Years ago, when we first built our house, there were eagles that lived on the Mulberry River less than a mile from our house. They would fly over the house often, in all their splendor. A few years back, they disappeared.........I feared that some crazed hunter had shot them down, I hoped that they had just found a new home.
When she flew across the front of my car today, it was like this wonderful message being sent to me. It was as though the heavens had sent a message of strength, an omen if you will, telling me I was on the right path.

I worked with a Native American shaman in Tenn in the 80's. We were having lunch one day and I had told her about the eagles that flew over our house. She told me that eagles only flew over
special areas, that when you saw them, it was a great blessing. As that eagle flew across the hood of Ingrid this afternoon, I remembered what my friend had told me. .......because I felt that great bird's power, I felt as though she was blessing me as her wings shaded Ingrid and I. I still feel blessed tonight, that I was allowed to witness something special, that I was given an omen.


  1. To be open to the world and all its favor is a blessing.

  2. I remember about 15 years ago when I saw the first bald eagle flying over a small lake in town. I was thrilled, as I don't think they had been here for many years. There are quite a few here now. For me there is a great blessing in nature. It is healing to the soul.

  3. Eagles always have the power to thrill. I love seeing them.