Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Did you realize that we are all alchemists? Everyday we turn lead into gold......don't scoff!
Each and every day, we are faced with questions and decisions, some are life threatening, some are trivial. But when we take them to heart, when we answer with truth and honesty we make gold.

One of my absolute favorite books is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It's a small book, only 167 pages, a simple yet profound story that can be a fable or a book of philosophy. To me, it is a book of truths, every page full of insights and lessons.

The story of a young shepherd who wants to travel the world. He has a dream, he meets a gypsy and she tells him to follow his dream. Not convincing enough, he meets a king who explains that it is Santiago's(shepherd boy) Personal Legend to follow his dream. What's a Personal Legend?
According to the king, "it is what you have always wanted to accomplish."

So Santiago sets out to follow his dream, that dream is to go to the Pyramids and find treasure.
Along the way, he meets The Alchemist and then the lessons truly begin. One of the things the Alchemist talks to him about about is Personal Legends and how we lose them. The Alchemist
says "to listen to your heart, it knows all things,where ever your heart is, that is where you'll find your treasure."

My grandmother Mamie, told me once that your heart don't give bad advice. I believe she spoke the truth. I think that when we have tough questions(lead) and we listen to our hearts, we get the gold, the answer!

I reread The Alchemist, because right now I have questions, I am trying to hold on to my Personal Legend and not lose my way. This past year, my life has been filled with alchemy.
New paths, new directions, new far, it has all been gold. Trusting your heart can be unnerving, but this past year I have trusted mine more than ever before and it seems that every day I find gold.

So tonight my friends, think about you Personal Legend, just once your heart,
and remember there's a little alchemy in our lives every day.


  1. Interesting - I was just yesterday thinking I should re-read The Alchemist. It's one of the books on my "no I won't lend it to you but I will buy you your own copy" list.