Friday, September 10, 2010

The Journey

One of the things that I have to remind myself's the journey, not the destination.
A couple of nights ago, I wrote about being in the now, how important the present is. Well along that same vein is the journey. It is so true that we allow the memories of the past and the fears of the future to cloud our vision of now, the actual journey.

Years ago I would make all these five year plans, all these yearly goals and I would do nothing but obsess about getting there. I met extraordinary people and had experiences that many just dream about, and I can assure you, that always foremost in my head at that time, was the destination, not the incredible journey that was taking place in my life.

Now, I simply write out a What Do I Want list every few weeks to gently remind me of things that I would like in my life, but every day there is a detour, and I am ok with that. The difference now and then, I obsessed, but I didn't put in the reps. Many days now I don't put in the reps, but I understand more fully the value of the journey and I truly understand the value of the reps.

The journey today has been good, difficult, and interesting. I have learned a little more about myself today and my growth. I realized today, that emotions can still sweep over me like a hurricane, but they don't own me, they don't rule me. Being in the now, keeps you focused on the journey, the breath really is everything and it is the fuel for the journey.

I keep a copy of the poems, Ithaka and Desiderata in my yoga bag. They are great maps and guides for the journey and each time I read them I am reminded of what a marvelous journey it has been so far and all that is unfolding as it should.

I let myself feel very foolish sometimes when I focus on the destination, because really in the scheme of things, the destination is death.......of the ego and the flesh. So tonight, I have read once more those poems I carry with me daily. They remind me to value my journey, to hold it dear to my heart, to feed it with my breath and to never forget it is now.

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