Thursday, September 16, 2010


It must be a combination, of the meds, the lung infection, the 95 degree heat, and maybe low bio-rhythms. I am feeling very low tonight and honestly not so well. I am not a good patient.
I have tremendous patience in many areas of my life, but not when it comes to my healing.

My normal sunshiny outlook, is definitely a shade grey. Tonight, I would like to run away.....and breathe salty air and feel cold. See rain in slow steady drizzle, and hear wind blow through the trees while leaves and branches do battle.

This is when I want to sing the most, and this is when I become furious at my body. Tonight I am not an easy person to live with. I know it will be better soon, and yes I have breathed and meditated and walked. ........and chastised myself for my ungratefulness.

This is when I want the signs, the omens, and this is when my lessons are taught and I find my humbleness. I have fought this for a few weeks, silly me, I thought it would go away or just disappear. So forgive me for my ravings, and bitchy attitude. My lessons like to slap me across the face.

I am sure by tomorrow, I will feel stronger. By tomorrow my breath will be easier, my attitude adjusted. I am grateful tonight that you all have let me rant and ramble, thanks for listening.


  1. Ranting is ok. We all do it though sometimes the cat is all that hears mine!

    When I'm sick I try to deal with it if possible, and if it's not something that can be changed by doing something, I try to endure. Really, what is our choice in this but to endure.

    The sun will come up tomorrow.
    It's only a day away.......!

  2. Being sick can be discouraging. I'm staying with my mom right now because she has had shingles for 5 weeks and just isn't getting better, poor thing. She isn't used to staying home all the time. At least with me here we can play board games together and I can cook for her.
    I hope you are both better soon.