Saturday, May 1, 2010


After teaching 6 classes per day, back to back, today was a nothingness day. I did manage to do the laundry, and buy groceries, but I have returned no one's calls, or messages(sorry).
After interacting so much with others, I have to have talk, no interaction,
just being. I think we all need those moments, days or longer of nothingness, of just being.
Without it, the spirit grows smaller and smaller, it is self preservation. One of my dreams/wants is to attend a silent weekend retreat. Sometimes when I tell friends and family that they freak.
For most it seems that a weekend of silence(no talking) would be hell, but for me it sounds
heavenly! 48 hours of just being, listening to birds, the wind, maybe the ocean, no tv, no phones,
I crave that so very much. I knew a minister who did a silent retreat several years ago, he said at first it was wonderful, but by the second day, he was hearing tv and radio commercials run through his brain. I think that shows just how much we all need silence from time to time. When you think about how much stimuli small children are exposed to, radio, tv, video, sports, dance, play dates, school, church functions! No wonder their brains and bodies are on overload! One hour a day less of organized time(practice for what ever) and just the opportunity to run barefoot, to climb a tree, to breathe fresh air, feel the sun, with no pressure to perform, is that too much to ask to give a child, is that too much to ask for ourselves????? So tomorrow, I suggest a little nothingness, I dare you.........take 15 minutes, or thirty, go on take an hour.....and just be, look at the sky, listen to a bird, take a DEEP breath of fresh air!

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