Sunday, May 16, 2010

Favorite Day

Sunday is my favorite day of the week, maybe it started at birth, I was born on a Sunday.
Actually, I think my dad helped to shape it as my favorite day. When I was small, we took Sunday the time Lewis Smith Dam was being built, and daddy would load everybody up in the car, sometimes even my grandparents, and we would drive up to the dam to see what was going on. Of course, on the trip back home there would be a stop for an ice cream cone or a coca-cola and maybe even a candy bar! When I got older, he would go to the news box and get a Sunday paper, and he always took the comics out and let me read them first! When I was a teenager, and by then we were attending church on a regular schedule, friends from church would come to our house for Sunday dinner and then he would take us to the Mug and Cone for ice cream. He made Sundays so special, usually he worked 6 days a week, but on Sundays, there were fishing trips or visits to family, maybe a nap, and almost always a treat. Yep, I think my love of Sundays came from my dad. I love getting that first cup of coffee on Sunday mornings, sitting down with both our Sunday papers, listening to classical music and then for the second cup of coffee, walk out side and just look at the trees, the birds, the sky! Sundays for Rick and I are special now, we usually visit family, we practice, we take a walk, a nap or maybe have friends over for supper. I try to savor my Sundays, like you would a great cup of coffee or a really good
wine and I tend to get a little testy when something messes with my Sunday! Today has been a really good Sunday, it started with a couple of cups of great coffee, then the papers, then a walk, lunch, a nap, a visit to see Rick's mom, and then our friend Fred came over for supper, yep......another stellar Sunday!!!!!

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