Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Personal Transformation

I go to Collierville, Tn tomorrow for yoga therapy class/certification. I am excited about it, I already practice yoga therapy at my job, but this will make me legit. Since I have been teaching yoga, I have taught thousands.......that is a staggering thought. I have never stopped studying ,pursuing my trainings, always on the lookout for how to be a better teacher. I try to do the same with my voice, I have studied with a couple of great vocal coaches, do my vocal exercises, sing as much as possible. I have spent a lot of time studying art as well. I believe in natural talent, but I also believe in taking what you have and making it as good as you can. That comes with study, and practice. Now, I am working on being a better guitar/mandolin player. Same thing, study and practice. You know it's weird, I do not like to practice. .........I make myself practice, I make myself study. Lord knows, I love to reap the benefits of the study and the practice! One thing I have learned, you don't get better by osmosis, thinking about it does help, it keeps you focused, but you have to put in the time. So there it is, a little personal info about my ongoing personal transformation.

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