Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Transformational Bath

A hot bath is right up there with a cup of hot tea. Well, the perfect getting ready for bed moment would be sipping a cup of hot tea, while soaking in a hot bath! I didn't combine the two tonight,
the tea is coming in a few moments. But the bath, my secret for a blissful hot bath........ I buy Epsom salts in the bulk, fill a BIG Tupperware container with them and about 20-25 drops of essential lavender oil, let it set for a few days and an exquisite transformation takes place.
Then when filling the tub with water, add two cups of the now lavender infused salts, I promise any aches and pains, stress, nagging doubts or worries will dissolve in that incredible concoction!
There is science and magic, the salts are pretty much magnesium(a natural muscle relaxer, and the lavender is a natural stress reducer) and a few moments in a tub filled with hot water and the salts, well those moments alone, that's the magic! My cup of tea is almost ready, I am in my most favorite pink pj's with the red roses on them and a couple of new magazines await my browsing.
Life is good.

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