Saturday, May 8, 2010

Effort and Joy

Our trio, The Overalls played in Helena at the Monkey Basket today. It was a beautiful spring day, with blue skies, and warm sunshine and lots of wind and the privets are blooming.
Now, for those of you who are not familiar with privets blooming in the spring, it is quite an experience if you like me, are allergic to them. I have battled them all week, well actually their pollen, but today........our show was outdoors, for two hours. Halfway through Landslide, the lungs
froze, more like feathers started to grow and then the eyes started to tear, the mucus hit! So with the help of meds, I regrouped, started the song again and emerged victorious! I love to sing, it brings me the most incredible joy, indescribable joy, but today it took some effort and I think I may pay for it tonight. But, you know whatever the pain, or how bad I feel later, those moments when I sing, and that absolute joy fills my soul, all that effort today was worth it. With that said my dear friends, I am fading quickly, more tomorrow.
Sweet dreams.

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