Monday, May 3, 2010

Self Worth

Self Worth, does that mean what is self worth? and is the worth to you or some one else? Today has had me question my self my self worth tied up in numbers, in what some one thinks of me, is my self worth connected to how well I do my job or to some sort of acknowledgement of how well I do something? Most days, my self worth never crosses my mind, but to be honest it has been right out there in front today, and it is not a pleasant thing to deal with or think about. I think I am going to have to ponder on this a few more days before I can give it up. Am not really sure who the winner is in this race or how the outcome will change or not change my life. For now, I am going to let my dreams search for the answer and maybe tomorrow morning I will self worth.

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  1. Jilda,
    I have really enjoyed reading your blogs...each one has been very helpful in my own life..Thank you..