Friday, May 21, 2010

Missing Home

I have been away from home for two days. I miss it. I miss Rick and our morning cups of coffee, walking out to check the garden, feeding the birds and the chickens and the dogs, feeding Rick.
I miss sitting on the sofa looking out our front windows and hearing the morning symphony of birds, chickens, dogs and all those other nature sounds. I miss walking out on the deck and looking at the flowers and herbs, amazed that they grow so much overnight. I will be away two more days, the way things are growing now, it won't look like the same place.
I miss Rick bringing me my morning coffee, sitting on the sofa, reading the paper and planning our day. I miss my blueberry shake, I miss cooking dinner.
This may all sound strange to some of you, I love to travel, to learn new things and meet new people, but in so many ways I am such a creature of habit. And I have to admit, I think that I have my own little plot of paradise.
It is good to leave your comfort zone, to know that for awhile, life will be very different. After all this trip is a short one, only four days. But, I think about those who leave their homes for long periods, or they leave and never get to return. The word displaced is so sad. Yes, you adjust, you make new friends, find a new job, a new home, but what you lost or left is still a part of you. I have friends who lost everything in Katrina, and when they left that awful day, they lost everything except their lives. Some of them don't know to this day where some of their friends relocated. And then I feel guilty because I miss my home for just a few days.
Missing home, it is such a simple phrase, for me it is only for a short while, but for some, it will be their lifetime. That kind of transformation........lets hope that none of us ever have to experience that and if we do, that we will find home in another place, where neighbors and friends care, and that life will always treat us kind.

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