Thursday, May 13, 2010

Unintenional Transformation

Sometimes life takes us down a path we never planned. Teaching yoga is that path for me, it seems that the path chose me. I had practiced yoga off and for many years and never gave one thought about becoming a teacher. My mom became ill around seven years ago, I was going to a yoga class with a friend and the teacher actually suggested to my friend that she become a teacher. As my friend and I continued to go to class, my mom's health declined and my stress levels soared. I had quit my job because my mom needed more and more of my time for her care. My friend and I had many talks about becoming yoga teachers, we found a training in Ms for a long weekend and off we went! That first day was like yoga bootcamp from hell! Back at the hotel, I kept thinking this is not what I expected, this is not going to work out. But, I stuck it out, and then I went back for more and more and more trainings. I found that the more I taught, the more I loved sharing yoga with anyone who was interested. My mom passed away four and a half years ago, a couple of weeks before she passed, I picked up the phone and called the alcohol/drug addiction center that I now teach at and asked them if they were interested in a yoga teacher. It was one of those moments that just changed my path, I felt so led to teach there! I went for an interview, my(now) boss told me to go take care of my mom, and when she passed, take a few weeks to rest and then call him back. I did exactly as he told me. A month later, I taught my first class at the center. We now have yoga classes six days a week, with two other teachers and myself. I have been told that when patients fill out exit forms that the yoga program rates at the very top! Never did I dream, that when I started that first class it would be such a success. I knew in my heart how good yoga was, but it has amazed me how so many from all walks of life has embraced it. My transformation from student to teacher was so not planned! Sometimes, the door opens, sometimes you have to open the door, but with a leap of faith, and following your heart, the transformation can be life changing for all involved.

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