Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not Perfect

Well, finally I got connected.......yes, I know I did not post last night! The computer gods did not smile in my direction, what can I say, could not get on line!!!! This blog is truly not about perfection, and as time goes by, you my friends will definitely see my imperfections, and hopefully love me, or at least like me warts and all! Storms have swept by all day, there is change in the air.

That is the thing about not worrying about perfection, it is good to strive to do good, and be good, but none of us HAVE to be perfect. We all worry and stress about what others think, about how we look, what kind of job we have, the car we drive, how much we weigh, etc........ To find peace, to have joy, to live a life full of abundance, we have to find that place where we can find some sort of contentment with who we are. It is about the journey, because many of us will not make the destination that we have planned for our lives. There are curves and detours on our path and accepting the fact that imperfections are part of the greater perfect plan make the road less traveled an easier road to travel. Embrace your imperfections, they make you perfect!

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