Monday, May 31, 2010

Planting the Seed

Our great nephew, Jordan came over this evening. Rick showed him how to plant watermelons.
There was absolute joy on his face as he placed the plants in the dirt. He then helped me pick blueberries, and dig potatoes. His grandfather, my brother Ricky is a plumber( a very good one)so our prayer is that he learns these life skills that we are showing him. Yes, he is only two, but he can identify trees, and he loves working with his hands and fixing things. I appreciate my life skills that my parents taught me, they have given me joy, fed me, saved me money and gotten me through hard times. We will pass our skills on to Jordan, planting the seeds that will help him get through life as he matures. We will teach him to plant, to fix and mend, and maybe even play guitar. Some of the seeds that we sow don't always grow, but if only one thing that we show him, if he remembers and uses that, then we did our job as aunt and uncle. Can't wait to eat those watermelons!

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