Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rose Tea

Every night before we go to bed, Rick and I drink a cup of hot tea. His is always SleepyTime, but usually I try different teas. Sometimes, it is pomegranate, sometimes orange mint, then there is lemon grass ginger or sweet licorice, but for the past few nights it has been rose tea. I buy teas from Organic India, they are all based on holy basil, and this rose tea is magic. The whole house smells of roses when the tea is brewing, no matter how rough the day, or how tired I am, a good cup of tea makes it all better. Maybe it is the Irish in me, but I truly love my hot tea. In the afternoon on a cold winter's day, a hot chai or peppermint tea can set things right and make you feel all warm and cozy!
Holding this cup of rose tea, I look forward to a good night's sleep, I smell the soft sweetness of the rose petals, and taste the combination of roses and honey, I know I will have sweet dreams. All my life I have been told that the simple things are best, I believe that. The power of a simple cup of hot tea is life changing.
Sweet dreams.

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