Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Thanks to those of you who went to my website jilda.com and watched/participated my class.
Every class is different.   The first one I did was really to help with anxiety.  The next two were shorter classes, one for lower back and hips, the other for the upper body.  The one last night included a moon salutation which is wonderful for those who have sleep issues.  Moon salutations are sequenced so that stressed areas of the body are targeted and the body relaxes for sleep.  Most of the time the classes are around 45 minutes.  I hope ya'll continue to enjoy them, a new one will be posted next Monday evening.

This social distance/shelter in place is at times, surreal.  Some days it is easy and then there are days I would give anything to meet someone for lunch or see someone at the grocery store and hug. I miss working on site, being face to face with my students.  I am scared for all those I know in the medical field, those I know who are doing essential service work, for my family and friends. I find myself holding my breath and then I have to gulp for air.  I want to create, but  I am not sure where my creative energies might take me at this point.

Tonight I am grateful that rain is falling.  I needed the sound of rain on our tin roof, knowing that at least the pollen was being washed away...if only the rain would wash this virus away.

May we all be safe, may we be kind.

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  1. I do miss being around the people I love, especially family. I miss all the hugs and kisses too.We are so thankful for those that put themselves at risk in the health care of others. Best to keep apart now so we can be together again one day. Prayers for the safety of all.