Sunday, April 19, 2020

Today is Sunday

We awoke this morning to the sound of rain and thunder.  While we were drinking our coffee I looked at Rick and said Mother Nature wants us to rest today.  He agreed. 

Mid-day the clouds parted for a couple of hours, he was able to continue caring for our bee swarm.
I walked the dogs.  This afternoon the rains returned, monsoonal, interspersed with thunder.
Last weekend we got around five inches, I figure there is more tonight.  I hope our crops have not floated away.

We taped another yoga class this afternoon.  It will be on my site, tomorrow.  I hope some of you have had the chance to try my classes.

Tomorrow a new week begins.  Be kind, be well.


  1. Hard to believe another weekend has gone by. Hope your garden survives all the rain. It should be ok if you have good drainage so it docent sit and rot. We have a period of sunshine here but the ground is so soft you sink down in it when you walk on it. I need boots to get around. It would be nice if we dried out for awhile.

  2. That sounds like you will have plenty of moss growing with all the rain. Hope the blueberries enjoy all the moisture.
    Hugs, Julia