Saturday, April 11, 2020

Spring Table

Though we won't have visitors this weekend, I got the house ready for spring.  Well the great room ready for spring.  My best friend Kaye gave me this beautiful embroidered table cloth a few years back for my birthday.  The pink crystal vase came from my grandmother Mamie and the little bird house came from my great great nieces and nephews, Parker, Peyton and Kay Lynn.

It is a table full of love and hope.  The flowers are all growing here on the farm.  The table is so big it takes up almost half the room.  But this table has over flowed with food, surrounded by friends and family time and time again.  Laughter has floated up to the apex and the walls and windows have shook with dogs and kids running through.

One day soon I hope this room is filled once again, with kids and dogs and adults laughing.  The floor covered in sugar crystals from marathon cookie baking and gallons of tea and lemonade flowing endlessly.

Tonight I looked at Mamie and Johnny's picture on the mantle and felt hugs from them and my parents.  The love exists even when their bodies don't.

Tomorrow, may we be safe, may we be well, may we know peace and love.

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  1. What a nice idea to decorate the table with gifts from family and friends. Good way to keep them with you on Easter . Happy Easter to You !