Monday, April 6, 2020

Dog Yoga

We did another video for my website this afternoon.  We haven't posted yet, it's still loading.
Doing these videos at home has brought something wonderful to my attention.  Although Hook is deaf, when he becomes aware that I am teaching my yoga class, he walks in, lays down and within seconds falls asleep.  He can't hear me, but somehow he feels the peacefulness and calm and sleeps soundly.

Im most of the classes you see or hear him snoring.  In today's class at the beginning Taz spots my yoga shoes, looks around and then grabs one and sneaks away.  Not everyone might like my class, but they are entertaining.

Don't forget if you want to do yoga with me, go to my site.

stay safe, stay well, be kind


  1. Jilda, what a gift. Thank you for putting your Yoga Monday's on line. Tonight I listened and participated as much as I could on your March lesson and now that I know your sequence I know I will do more next time using your March lesson.

  2. Nice you are keeping your classes real for others. I will have to check our jilda .com Sounds good for the body and the mind.

  3. Good you are still keeping your classes going for those interested