Thursday, April 9, 2020

Happy Flowers

I dropped off my video at work today.  A work buddy walked out to the parking lot to get it from me.
There we stood,  masked and gloved, in a parking lot, wanting desperately to hug each other and all we could say over and over, " we will be so glad when this thing ends."

I got back in my car and had a meltdown driving home.   I miss my work family, I miss spending class time with the patients, I miss what we all once had.  I have to remind myself almost hourly now to be grateful for health, that is the most important thing/gift that anyone can possess now.  I wake up during the night, after strange dreams.  Some are good, some are crazy, some are scary.  I find myself constantly whispering blessings of good health for family and friends.

We live in an area where many joke and laugh about the disease, and even though the governor has ordered a stay at home, except for trips for food and meds,  we are still one of the most traveled states in the union .
I am constantly telling myself to breathe deep, to send love even to the foolish and uncaring.
I know that one day, this too shall pass.

The storms brought intense blue skies and our world looked like an old technicolor movie.  I am grateful for its beauty.  Yellow flowers always look happy.

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  1. the flowers do make me happy. Just the sight of them keeps me going and wishing we'd see some here soon. Even a dandelion would be appreciated.