Thursday, April 16, 2020


I had promised Jordan I would make Toll House cookies this week.  Today was the day.
I knew he would need a treat.  He had helped his mom for several hours in the garden and then this afternoon came over and helped Rick clean out the chicken coop/house/nesting boxes.  This is one 12 year old who is not afraid to work!  He took a dozen cookies home, I figure most of them are eaten by now.

Tomorrow we finish our garden.  Glad I saved a few cookies for us.

Wishing you a healthy, happy Friday.
Be kind.


  1. No gardening here until the middle of May. Snow today reminds me why we don't! However it's always a good day to bake cookies! Jordan is a wonderful young man!

  2. Sounds as if he deserved a treat. Kids all seem to like chocolate chip cookies best.

  3. I haven't had Toll House Cookies in such a long time. I'm sure he came by by as soon as he smelled the aroma.
    Hugs, Julia