Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wednesday Musings

Another visit to the acupuncturist today, for the past few days Rick and I are both seeing difference.
Hope that it continues.

I had students to say goodbye today and some who said hello.  It is our busy time.  There is something about the New Year that makes so many of us want to better our lives.

Our mild temps disappeared today and Arctic cold has decided to visit us.  There are rumors of the S word, but so far only rumors.  Yesterday it almost 70 degrees, today it was 49.  Chilly.

I hope your 2019 is going well, that if you are considering changes you are able to make them and if this is the year your goals are within your reach, wait no longer...go for it. 

Spread joy, be kind and stay warm.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. We got the S word today! I hope you continue to feel better and have a good rest of this week!

  2. We got some white fluff yesterday and the trees are covered. It's very pretty but I'm getting so used to it that I would gladly give it to you.
    I hope it's a restful weekend for you. I'm glad the acupuncture is working.
    Hugs, Julia