Thursday, January 10, 2019

Good and Bad

My car has been in the shop most of the week, poor Rick has had to work his job and take me to mine and then come and pick me up.  I know he will be so glad to pick my car up tomorrow.  I knew my brakes were getting bad but the repair guys have had to replaced all the brake stuff on all four wheels.
I know I was pushing my luck, especially in all the rainy weather we have had.

I cooked Rick and Samantha's favorite dish for dinner this evening.  Well they say it's their favorite but Rick says that about most everything I cook.  It is a dish my mom taught me how to make.
A layer of really good sauerkraut, a layer of onions, then red potatoes and then a slab of thick country style ribs, cooked slow all day.  I have to admit I ate way more than my share of it tonight.

We have a sinus crud at work now, almost all of my students have it.  It is cold, they are in rehab and sick with sinus junk...not such a great start to the New Year, but I keep telling them it will pass.
This evening I had to leave work at 5:30, so I couldn't teach my meditation class.  Rick had come to pick me up, take me home and then had to cover a local city council meeting.  A female student showed up for the meditation class, just as I had finished yoga.  When I explained that I had to leave, she burst into tears.  I felt so bad for her, it was obvious she had had such a bad day.  All the way home, I had to tell myself that this too shall pass.  Like most of my days, it has been good and bad.

I know many of you are getting snow, I am so jealous.  Send me pictures!
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. I'm glad that you're getting new brakes, it will feel good to get your car back...and I hope you'll be spared the colds from work.
    Your casserole sounds delicious.
    Hugs, Julia