Sunday, January 27, 2019


If you read my husband Rick's column then you know we are getting bees.  I am so excited.
Because we both love hot tea and coffee, we use a lot of honey.  With lung issues, I also use honey as cough syrup.  As farmers who do not use pesticides, we cherish bees and their work to keep the human race alive.  If you do not understand the importance of bees to human life, Google it.

Our bees will come to live on our farm when the weather begins to warm.  We have picked the perfect spot for them,  down by the apple, peach and pear trees, near the blueberry bushes and just a skip away from the wild flower meadow.

Yes, we have both been stung by bees and wasps, but honey bees are not aggressive.  I can't wait to taste our first batch of honey.  When we first moved here in 1980 there was a wild bee tree down in the woods behind the barn.  You could hear their drone on warm days.  Not sure what happened to them but one day we walked and you could no longer hear them.  As the years have gone by we see fewer and fewer bees when the fruit trees blossom and the flowers and herbs bloom.  Hopefully that will change this year.

It has been a good yet busy weekend.  This last week of January is looking interesting.  Our weather guys placed us under a winter storm watch today.  By Tuesday we should see white stuff.

I hope your Monday brings kindness, I hope you help spread that kindness.

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  1. I wish you good luck with your bees. Some farmers have reported a loss of their bee population and some blames it on a tiny parasite that attacks the bees. We buy our honey from a local farmer for my husband lung issues also.
    Hugs, Julia