Sunday, January 6, 2019

Taxing Day

Another blue sky day in our neighborhood, temps were mild and the sun was warm.   A beautiful day, but for some reason, not very productive.  It seems like everything I started got displaced by something else.  Energy got weird and I realized it was time to just sit or nap.  It became a day of reminding myself of the good things in my life and to remember to be grateful. But for whatever reason, it has been a taxing day.

And with all that being said, I am totally drained, void of energy and thought.  So, time to drink hot tea and relax.

Goodnight,Sweet dreams

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  1. You are not alone.The daylight time is short in winter and we are not as active as in spring and summer when we get more sun and we are more active. It's could be the winter blah. So many people feels like that this time of year, especially after the frenzy of preparing for Christmas. It's like we are in decompression mode... Maybe it's time to cocoon and watch a good movie. It will pass...

    I find doing something for someone else seems to raise my mood this time of year so today I made three Chicken and vegetable Noodle casseroles to give away to my family. It's one of their favorite casserole.It gave me something to keep my mind off my own self pity party and it made them very happy. For some reason, it also lifted my mood.
    Hope you soon will be in good spirit with lots of energy.
    Hugs, Julia