Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday Update

A beautiful sunny cold day and snow is forecast for next week.  I am so happy.  Jordan spent the morning with us.  His mom had errands before they left for his weekend swim meet.  It is rare we get to spend time with him when school and swim are taking place.  He and his mom are busy, but that's ok, they both are enjoying life. 

We ran down to the local produce stand this afternoon.  I love buying our produce there,  It is always fresh and yummy.  Fresh Florida oranges, tomatoes and honey crisp apples came home with us today.
They also have restocked their supply of FROG jam.  It is my favorite, a wonderful blend of fig, raspberry, orange and ginger, a heavenly concoction.

Did you know that next Friday is February 1?  I have already bought the supplies for Valentine cookies and cupcakes.  Jordan was thrilled when he saw all the sugar pearls and sparkles today.
There will be pictures.

Enjoy the week, this is the last one for January 2019, make it kind, make it loving.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so looking forward to warmer temperature although it has warmed up considerably and you're looking forward to snow. We lost some snow from all the rain but we still have plenty left.
    Frog jam sounds yummy and so does fresh local produce.

    Take care, hugs, Julia