Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 1

July our friends in Canada, Happy Canada Day!!!

July 1... heat and humidity

July 1...fireworks and ice cream

July cold watermelon

July 1...summer vacations

July 1...celebrate the 4th

July 1...I am a bug magnet, bugs love to bite me in the summer, I am their fave

July 1...grilled suppers are the best, especially the veggies like squash, tomatoes, onions, peppers and eggplants

July 1...2018 is half-way over

July 1...cotton tees and maxi skirts are a great summer uniform

July 1...I don't know who invented air conditioning but he can have my visa card

July 1...I might be addicted to ice water

July mantra for this month, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

July 1...I don't sweat, I wish I could

July 1...we have pears as big as my hand

July 1...theme song for July, Summer Time

July 1...make this a kind month


  1. I love your July list. I attract mosquitoes and I have to spray my hat when I work in the garden. I have even resorted to smoldering egg carton to smoke them out when they are too thick around the hedge. It works but depending on the way the wind blows.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. When we are on the back deck, I burn incense. It truly helps to keep the bugs away.

  2. I too like your July list. I agree about that person who invented A/C. Nice to be able to cool off when we want to. Happy July !