Thursday, July 5, 2018


Hot and rainy, it is a broken record.  More new students today, others leaving.  You send them out the door with love and hope, the same way you welcome them in.

My quote on the board today was a line from one of our songs, " life is made with many choices, every choice demands a price."  We have a friend who is struggling, going through extremely difficult times.  We have known him for many years.  We have watched him make choices through the years, few of them have been good.  The choices he made are now demanding to be paid.  I know through the years he never believed he would pay the price that his choices now demand.

I am tired and a cup of hot tea is calling to me.  I hope your holiday week has been good.  I hope that you have shared kindness and received joy.  And remember, every choice demands a price...sometimes now, sometimes later.

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  1. You are so right we pay the price...nothing is free. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!