Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Best Shot

A very long day.  Four hours of HR training on work this morning, then home for a couple of hours and then back to teach classes.  My class was full and the students were incredible.

Home tonight, the lung infection that has reared it's head a couple of weeks ago persists.  I know the drill, it is back to the doc and more meds, stronger ones...this won't be fun.  I think the heat, the humidity, the stress of the past couple of weeks ...ugh.  It's ok, this too shall pass.

Fresh tomatoes from our garden were part of dinner tonight.  They were so yummy.  This weekend I am doing grilled stuffed peppers ( home grown) and maybe some grilled salmon.  I love to eat...and cook.

I am exhausted tonight, and Jordan will be with me tomorrow.  That I am looking forward too, we will just hang out and maybe cook something interesting.

Tomorrow spread love, share kindness and feel joy.  Life is short, give it your best shot.


  1. So sorry you are not doing well with all the heat and humidity. Hopefully the meds will take quickly and soon you'll be over it. I love to cook and eat too ! This time of year with all the fresh vegetables is wonderful ! Hope your today is much better than yesterday!

  2. Wishing you a quick recovery.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. I am envious of your bounty!

    Did you and Jordan have a good time? What did you cook?